Welcome to the ACT and Southern Tablelands Weed Spotter website

The plants shown above offer a sample of the priority weeds to watch out for in the ACT and Southern Tablelands region. If you see these weeds, or others identified on this website, then spot, snap and send.

Thanks for helping to map and monitor the weeds of the ACT and Southern Tablelands. Just follow these easy steps.
  1. Learn about the priority weeds to watch for in your local area.
  2. Use the Weed Identification Tool to help identify unknown plants.
  3. Create an account so you can report weed sightings online.
  4. Report a weed sighting using your mobile device or desktop computer.
  5. Map and track your weed control efforts.
  6. Contact a local expert for further help with weed management.

Feel free to explore this website, sign up, and contribute to our knowledge of weeds of our region.

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We are also pleased to partner with Canberra NatureMap and your support in documenting other species within the reserve network of the ACT and greater Canberra region.
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