How well do you know your Eyre Peninsula birds?

We have prepared a series of quizzes to help you practice your bird identification skills.

Each quiz contains a random selection of 10 questions. Each question features a bird image and their call (don't forget to turn up your speakers!) with three multiple choice answers.

There are over 200 questions in the database, so feel free to take each quiz more than once - chances are you'll get different questions each time.

TIP - For a real challenge why not try answering the questions by just listening to the bird calls without looking at the image?

Birds of Prey

Ground Dwellers

Larger Non-Passerine Perching Birds

Larger Passerine Perching Birds



Smaller Perching Birds 1

Smaller Perching Birds 2

Smaller Perching Birds 3
Western Yellow Robin (Image courtesy of Pam Hewstone)