Welcome to the Eyre Peninsula NRM bird survey

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Welcome to Eyre Peninsula's ever-growing team of Citizen Scientists!

Thank you for taking the time to record your nature observations. The information you provide here helps build a more comprehensive understanding of the amazing ecosystems of Eyre Peninsula.

We are hoping to expand our citizen science projects to include other taxa important to our region in the near future.

For more information on the Eyre Peninsula please visit the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management web site.

What to do

Click on "Add Data" to record a sighting.

Note that you have to be registered and logged in to be able to submit records. The registration process is simple, so have a go.


What has been submitted

Click on "View Data" to browse through the records that you and others have already submitted.

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Latest Statistics

Number of users 125
Total number of records 6068

The last sighting was a Nankeen Kestrel, Falco (Tinnunculus) cenchroides

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