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distribution of weed biological control agents

This web site aims to centralise information on the known distribution, availability and redistribution methods of weed biological control agents in south eastern Australia. This will help to enhance community knowledge and adoption of biological control and enable its benefits to be enjoyed by more people and its impacts to be better understood.

The project is funded by the Federal Government, through Caring for our Country and by States through Department of Primary Industries (Victoria), the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture and the South Australian Research and Development Institute. The Atlas of Living Australia is a key partner, as the developer and host of this website.

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Keep an eye out for evidence of insect or rust damage on target weeds. If you see any evidence or the bugs themselves take a photo.


to this system and record it.

What else can I do?

Visit the "FIELD GUIDE" to browse list of weed species targeted for biological control and the biological control agents released to control them.

Review your contributions and discover what other people have found too.

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Look for the evidence
Then record it!

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Number of users 109
Total number of records 2649
Number of species recorded 43

The last sighting was a bridal creeper rust fungus, Puccinia myrsiphylli