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SIGNAL2 macro-invertebrate survey method
SIGNAL2 Field Recording Sheet

NSW Water Bug Detective Guides

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Sensitive bugs
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Water bug habitats

How to add a water bug survey record

How to add a water quality record

More Waterwatch Information

NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Waterwatch The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Waterwatch provides a wealth of useful information to help you identify and understand what you are seeing.
WetlandCare Australia WetlandCare Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring Australian wetlands and inspiring others to get involved. WetlandCare is Australia's only national wetland conservation organisation and is actively involved in raising non-government funding to support it's work.
Murray Darling Wetlands Ltd. Murray Darling Wetlands Ltd. is a non-profit company committed to building community support for wetland restoration, management and research, by linking corporate donations, management expertise and community participation in restoration projects. The company seeks corporate and public donations as well as donations of water for wetland and environmental uses.